Johnny Light’s “Fresh Wave” Album

•July 18, 2009 • 1 Comment

Back on Purpose, Being In Communications, Beloved One, Beyond War, Drop Away, Fresh Wave, No Pain, Nobody’s Gonna Save Me, O’Lover, Wanting a Light, We Are Rainbow, Yes



Johnny Light is a one-of-a-kind, magical man spinning his unique blend of musical medicine over the last four decades. With six albums of original music to his credit, “Golden Age,” “Child and the Sage,” “Fresh Wave, ” “Splash,” “Great Love” and “Freedom,” and a rich performance history of over 1,500 concerts, festivals, coffeehouses, workshops, street and house concerts over the decades.  He’s making his come-back appearance at private, intimate house concerts. Come a give a listen to his timeless wisdom of the ages.”



ORDER MUSIC BY MAIL: Fresh Wave Productions, c/o 258 “A” Street, Ste. 1-102, Ashland, OR 97520 USA.


“Oh, what a great concert that Johnny Light gave. It was a fun, heart warming and inspiring time. Johnny has so much Soul, sensitivity, wisdom and light pouring thru that listening and singing along becomes a transformative experience. I love his original tunes and lyrics. His songs are a true Celebration of the Spirit. I am glad I had the opportunity to be in the presence of such a talented and gifted artist and I look froward to the next LIVE SHOW. Thanks for the wonderful experience Johnny, I will always remember the light and love you share!” – Donna Rae Swartwood

“If you ever have the chance to see and hear Johnny Light, you are in for a spirit-lifting, rollicking, all about the meaningful aspects of our existence experience. Johnny’s songs capture the heart and awaken our connection to the divine.” – Wendy Seldon

“Recently my husband and I had the great pleasure of attending the Johnny Light house concert. It was uplifting in every way. There was the warmth of community celebrating in song together. The music allowed for harmony and everyone couldn’t help themselves to join in song or dance. My heart was opened and we were high for days. A must do Ashland musical event.” – Naomi Caspe

“Johnny Light’s sound connects heart, mind and soul in an uplifting rhythmn, harmony and verse inspiring dreams of a new world, healing and a transformational way of being.” – Linda Cotrufello

“Wow. Johnny Light’s performance was not only really fun, it was inspiring, heart-warming and enlivening. Bring your friends to the next show. Dance and laugh!” – Annie Ouelette

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